My heart hurts. I’m tired of crying, I’m tired of feeling alone in a room full of people. I’m tired of feeling so sad, so depressed, so helpless, so unhopeful. I’m tired of hurting. This pain takes over my entire body. It darkens my heart and eats at my spirit and soul. What do I have to do? What can I do? I can’t scream and beg for help like I want to. I can’t speak, I open my mouth and nothing comes out, and if something did come out.. Who is there to listen? Who is there to hold me and tell me, I’ll be ok. Who’s gunna wipe away my tears and tell me to stop suffering… These demons of depression I have inside are dancing cause they’re winning a battle I’m crippled in… A battle I have no strength to fight in. Weak. Weak is my mind, my heart is as fragile, maybe a little more. My heart hurt. I wish I could continue, but even trying to let it out is tiring and hurts.

(Source: realitytvgifs)

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